The photograph modifying specialists of CPUS do the accompanying work utilizing Professional Image Retouching:

  • Skin features are perfect for subtle fixes with Wrinkle Remover, Airbrush, Blemish Fix, Spray Tan and more. Our motto: a little goes a long way!
  • Teeth Whiten and Lip Tint are two stunners and they can be found in the Mouth group.
  • Make those eyes twinkle or sultry with our Eyes group. We’ve got it all from Eye Brighten and Red Eye Remover to Eye Shadow, Mascara, and Eyebrow Pencil.
  • Clone, Weight Loss, Highlights, and Nip Tuck are all found in the goodie bag of The Rest, toward the bottom.

Shade revision
Red-eye evacuation brought about by blaze
Minor flaw evacuation
Flaw evacuation
Minor dental repair
Advanced facelift
Skin smoothing
Moderate weight decrease
Age diminishment by evacuating wrinkles & facial lines
Proficient medicines for promoting
Evacuation of minor imperfections or stray hairs
Evacuation of minor foundation/forefront preoccupations
Control/remaking of face or body parts
Repair wedding photographs.