The photograph modifying specialists of CPUS do the accompanying work utilizing Professional Image Retouching:

  • Skin features are perfect for subtle fixes with Wrinkle Remover, Airbrush, Blemish Fix, Spray Tan and more. Our motto: a little goes a long way!
  • Teeth Whiten and Lip Tint are two stunners and they can be found in the Mouth group.
  • Make those eyes twinkle or sultry with our Eyes group. We’ve got it all from Eye Brighten and Red Eye Remover to Eye Shadow, Mascara, and Eyebrow Pencil.
  • Clone, Weight Loss, Highlights, and Nip Tuck are all found in the goodie bag of The Rest, toward the bottom.

Shade revision

Red eye evacuation brought about by blaze

Minor flaw evacuation

Flaw evacuation

Minor dental repair

Advanced facelift

Skin smoothing

Moderate weight decrease

Age diminishment by evacuating wrinkles & facial lines

Proficient medicines for promoting

Evacuation of minor imperfections or stray hairs

Evacuation of minor foundation/forefront preoccupations

Control/remaking of face or body parts

Repair wedding photographs.