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Photo Retouching

We succeed with portrait retouching services where others have failed
Get best photo retouching services from world-class photo editors.

The team of Clipping Path US has also expertise in the area of professional Photo Restoration Service. Our most widespread level is also our Photo Restoration Service. We fix all kinds of photos damaged by fire, light, water, mold, pets or children. Just send us a part of the photo get the original one. Our experts are well recognized in advance photo restoration Service. Unchanged high quality & service is the core principle of our work efficiency & we strictly follow it & are pride. Our dedicated & talented team uses the latest high-end equipment & software to restore photographs for individuals, institutions & as well as unforgettable occasion’s photos. Using digital technology, professionalism, experience & a background in fine art, we can gift you a copy of your damaged image that looks original. Our brilliant team for digital photo restoration service is as skilled that you will not find if there even the slightest deviation from the original image. It is totally out of questions. 

We restored or changed old photos digitally, for commercial images there we need to clean, enhance or redone the images. We can also return in original images from damaged pictures to be similar to their original condition. 

Computer has no magic but artists use a computer as the artist’s tools & we have this class of artists who can imagine your require. It is more affordable than your thinking, it will be cleared to you when you will compare it with other expenses especially with an unforgettable occasion. Your memorable good time can be passed forever but these photos can carry a memorable moment to bring happiness to your life.

There are some photographs which carry unique mementos which are only the photos surviving for many years in your family but are in bad condition, simply upload this kind of images & get the cost estimate & we will back you with the new images as your turnaround. 

What we carry out?


  1. We eliminate dirty, fold marks, stains, cracks scratches, impregnation, and traces from the images.
  2. We restore faded the color shades & tones that image looks new.
  3. We correct the color balance & remove yellowness.
  4. We tune up sharpness, brightness & contrast that the image gets a true life.
  5. We also restore missing areas or parts of any image to give it a real look.

We get some images which are needed to use complex photo restoration services, in this case before starting the jobs after discussing with customer. So simply contact us if you are interested in this kind of services.